Monday, March 01, 2010

Missional - What it means to me

Having been blogging about missional things for years now - Ive had alot of time to consider what missional means.

Here's my definition:

To be Missional is to live out your belief,
in your community - where you live and with who you live,
using all your gifting - freely and enthusiastically,
confessing your imperfection and realizing all are imperfect,
being Christ's hands,
seeing the needs as God sees them and responding accordingly,
living moment by moment in communion with God,
sharing my blessings with others,
helping others to see Jesus and ABBA,
growing daily in grace and knowledge of them.
Being who I was created to be.

Now I know thats not what many would say is a "good" definition. But this is what its become to me.

Missional is my way of life. I dont take it off and put it on. It "is" me. It's not my church. Although a church can be missional. It's people walking out a lifestyle. Missional is a choice I make.