Monday, February 05, 2007

Missional Interview - Bob Roberts

It's my pleasure today to share this interview with Bob Roberts.

Bob Roberts, Jr., founding pastor of NorthWood Church, a fast- growing church near Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX is a leading practitioner and writer on glocal—local and global—transformation of individuals, churches, communities and nations. Roberts’ unique principles have transformed the people and ministry at NorthWood and its 100 (and counting) church plants and “adopted” nations throughout the world. He is the founder of Glocalnet, a network of like-minded leaders who are advancing a glocal church multiplication movement that connects the body of Christ worldwide.

1. What began your journey into a missional mode of ministry?

Realizing I was growing a church, getting converts - yet not seeing transformation beyond the Sunday event - both in my church and in me.

2. How did you get your church to buy into a missional concept of ministry?

I didn't - for 3 years all we did was ask questions and I preached on the Sermon on the Mount and studied Matthew - we eased into it - first planting churches, then global, then engaging our local community.

3. How much of your church is involved in missional ministries?

That's hard to answer - we will have this year 300 plus travel overseas - there are a few hundred others who won't travel overseas but will be involved in making those projects happen - In the inner-city we will have literally hundreds involved in multiple projects. We also have a large growing number of individual memebers using their jobs, resources, and networks doing ministries on their own yet related to us - we encourage that. At least 60% of our attendance is involved in one or more ongoing projects.

4. Must our personal missional activies have a corporate (as in larger body) outlet?

If they don't you won't ever get traction. Much has been explained about the the "communal" aspect of church. There is a communal aspect to missional activities. What I do on my own, helps, is beneficial - and definitely I enjoy. What I do together multiplies that impact dramatically. We wouldn't have the results we have in Vietnam if it were tied just to a few of us - neither in the inner-city. It's those bigger outlets that rasie up the individuals - each leverages off the other.

5. What will be the result for churches who don't make a move towards missional minbistry in the next ten years?

First, I think they won't have credibility - especially the mega-churches - and I "are" one. Like it or not - we're seen as leaches on society and power players - people are tired of that. They want to know why churches aren't impacting society. I was at Cirque Sole and got to visit with the guy who is over all of them - their owner is heavy into drug rehab, water, etc. Look at the Gates and Buffet - People who don't claim to be followers of Jesus are putting those who do claim to be followers of Jesus to shame. We have to change that. As a pastor today of a big church - I'd be embarassed if all we did was Sunday.

6. What one book would you recommend someone read who watned to move into a missional direction and why?

Can't do one book - that one hasn't been written yet. I would say start with Friedman on the World is Flat - next read Prahalad on the People at the bottom of the Pyramid, next read my book Transformation (it explains the "faith culture" that has to be present for that kind of disciple to emerge), and Glocalization deals with engaging the world through domains. Another great book that leads people toward that would be Bob Buford's Half-time.

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Thanks Bob for your insight!

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Webb Kline said...

Exciting stuff. Really encouraging. I see what Bob shared happening all the time. It's mind boggling, really.