Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Missional Bono

Several people have mentioned Bono as missional, and I must agree with them.

So to that light, here’s 2 Bono things for you to look at:

And then this is an incredible article about which you get a better picture of Bono. Find it here.

The quote that blew me away was this one:

“"I'm asked, 'Why doesn't your music proclaim Christ?'" he said. His answer: "It does." He went on, describing how he believes the Bible's assertions that "creation has its own proclamation" of God. "I'd like to think our music had the same qualities to it," he said.”

And this one: “Asked about his own past criticism of contemporary gospel music, Bono admitted he was referring to what he saw as "happy clappy" songs that lacked "grit." He said such music doesn't mean anything to him "without a truth telling of where you are and where you live in your life." But he was quick to add that he has recently built new friendships with several evangelical musicians who have joined his advocacy campaign.

And he was also quick to draw a distinction between contemporary gospel music and worship music, something he said he loves very much. He said some of his favorite music includes hymns by Charles Wesley, Handel's "Messiah," and Jewish liturgical chanting.

With spontaneous eloquence, he said being a worship leader must be "the highest of all art forms, to worship and call people into the presence of God."”

It’s amazing. Bono is Missional.

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Jarvis said...

Wow... Therein lies the power of living what you believe, through whom God has made you. We are all an instrument of His own making. Perhaps we only fail to truly shine (live missionally) when we try to mimic someone else’s instrument, or sound.

The world may not discern a lot of things, but it knows a counterfeit when it hears or sees one. If you're a flute player, play the flute with all the grace and passion He has given you. If you're a Bono, then rock on! You probably won't see Bono playing the flute anytime know what I mean.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing Bono's comments at the prayer breakfast. I must admit, quoting from the Qu'ran and equating the Christian and Muslim Gods made me squirm; but the divine imperitive to help the world's needy is undeniable.