Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Missional People

I've been thinking alot lately about people in public life who live their lives missionally.

I'm going to list some. I would love to hear weather you agree or disagree and if you would add anyone to the list and why.

Here goes:

Some people I believe are believers who live missionally:

John Tesh - John Tesh Radio Show
Delilah - Radio show host
Dog - The Bounty Hunter
Brian Litrell - Boy band star

Some people who to my knowledge are not, but live a missional life by showing their passion:

Richard Branson
Steve Irwin
Steve Jobs
Cesar Millan - The Dog Whisperer

Do you have any ideas? People who should be added?

The purpose is not to exalt these people, but to give us examples of what missional looks like so that we inturn can better model missional to the world.

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Anonymous said...

Would Bono and U2 make such a list?

My question is how does this mix with walking the path of being a secret agent for Jesus - that is - magnifying the glorification of Jesus and minimizing attention drawing to ourselves?

Take Care,

Molly said...

Okay, feel special, because I finally got a blogger account (grump, grump, @#$%) just so I could comment on here!

How about U2's Bono?

Molly said...

Whoops. Horton beat me to it.

Missional Jerry said...

Good one Horton

That one slipped my mind.

Im gonna post His prayer breakfast speach some morning, as I think its powerful stuff.

and Molly thanks for getting an account!

Jarvis said...

Steve Irwin certainly epitomized missional, I would think, if you define living missional as living out passionately your cause, yes?

Ariel said...

I guess you could add a select group of passionate musicians & actors to this list... Bright Eyes, Don & Lori Chaffer (of Waterdeep) and Mel Gibson (wince) would make my list.

The obvious downside of lists like this is that they inevitably focus on celebrity types. I wish I knew about the passionate, missional people who no one has heard of.

ZooMuse said...

I see others have already stated it, but Bono should clearly be on that list. I am blown away by how much biblical imagery (and how many Kngdom isssues) are reflected in U2s music.