Friday, March 09, 2007

Missional Compare and Contrast

Words can't really express what these 2 videos do:

Watch both and then share your thoughts.

And Now:

You might say they dont have a thing in common, but I believe they show the difference between what the church thinks is important and the reality of what is important.

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Makeesha said...

that's a very dramatic comparison isn't it? thanks for that

Virgil Vaduva said...

Very dramatic and very emotional...thanks!

AS said...

I've seen people evangelise like this and been told off for not doing so. About time someone pointed it out.

On top of that, I notice there are no real answers to the issues in the second one. But at least they are looking at the problem. It shows where we need to be.

Bob said...

There's really no comparing satire to social commentary. Didn't laugh at all at the first one but started crying about halfway through the second one.

glenn said...


Thanks for helping us to see the absurdities of our attempts to evangelize out of our subcultural presuppositions. But, most of all, thank for touching our hearts with the depiction of a place where too many people really live. May that move us to be truly missional. May the light of Christ's Kingdom shine into the dark corners of life!

Red_Cleric said...

Thanks. I needed to see that...


Sarah said...

yeah....the sinner's prayer doesn't exactly get to the heart of actual pain does it? That type of evangalism is like giving a bandaid to someone who starving to death. It doesn't hardly make any kind of sense.

Its comforting to know there are other people thinking these things.

Grant R said...

"…they show the difference between what the church thinks is important and the reality of what is important."

That sounds profound at first, but there’s only one problem: it’s not biblical.

I watched both videos and caught the hint of you’re implication. In the first video, I understand what the people were criticizing. I agree that we shouldn’t unreasonably tell people that they are going to Hell, but after we’ve explained why they deserve Hell because we continually sin against God, then it makes more sense. I don’t think that the makers of the first video should be making fun of people who sincerely don’t want people to go to Hell, and people who strive to obey Jesus’ command in the Great Commission.

The second is a music video about poor and abused kids. From what I understand about your comment on the comparison and contrast of the two videos, you think that helping people out of poverty, abuse, disease, etc., is more important the sharing the Gospel (that is Jesus Christ was born of a virgin, lived a perfect life, suffered and died on the cross to satisfy God’s wrath against us for our sins, rose again defeating death, and if we repent of our sins and put our trust in Jesus Christ we can be saved from Hell, which we deserve, and live for eternity in Heaven with Him) with people who have a great possibility of dying very soon to spend eternity in Hell.

I agree that we should take care of the poor and help the abused and comfort the hurting, but, let me make this unapologetically clear, sharing the Gospel with the lost is exceedingly more important than that side issue will ever be! Where a man or woman spends eternity is far more imperative than their quality of life on this fallen world where they will spend very little time in comparison to forever.

Thanks for listening, and please watch these videos for more information:

LRozelle said...

Oh how I laughed and laughed.. and then got a little scared cuz I know people like this... don't we all.

good comparison!

Grant R said...

"Oh how I laughed and laughed.. and then got a little scared cuz I know people like this... don't we all. good comparison!"

I think it's sad that you think you know who I am when I've never even met you. I also find it scary about how out of whack your priorities are. Do you honestly think that it is more important to improve people's lives here, than it is to tell them how they can be saved from Hell?

Also, it's very sad that you would laugh and laugh at what God's Word says. It angers me that you would think of the Bible in such a flippant way. Either you blatantly blaspheme Him or you are ignorant of what He says. I pray that it is the latter.

Above all, it scares me that you would rather improve someone's conditions on earth and let them suffer eternity in Hell.

If that's the case, you are exceedingly unloving.

Missional Jerry said...

Yes Jesus cares about the plight of people on earth. He cared about people participating in the Kingdom and not waiting for heaven to enjoy Him.

Our relationship with God, the life Jesus lived and His death and resurrection is about more than eternity, it's about all of life.

"And this is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent." John 17:3

Grant R said...

I agree Tom...I mean Jerry. I agree that we should incorporate Jesus Christ into everything that we do and everything that we are.

The point that I was trying to make is that the Gospel is a whole lot bigger than the writer of this post made it to be. Yes, helping the poor and the hurting is a response to the Gospel, but it is not the Gospel.

The author of this post degenerated the great news of the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ into a social and humanistic story. He or she even condemned the church for worrying about where someone will spend eternity.

All I wanted to say is that the biblical gospel is primarily concerned with the saving of souls. And when a man or woman responds to the Gospel in repentance toward God and faith in Jesus Christ, Jesus will begin a relationship with that person and continue to grow them in holiness.

And I'm not sure what "participating in the Kingdom" is because God's Kingdom hasn't come to earth yet, and it's not our job to bring it here. Our job is to show others the way to the kingdom of God, and leave the rest up to Him.

Maybe you could tell me what you meant.

L_Budd said...

Wow Grant,
If by your fruits we shall know if you are a Christian then you must be a lemon tree Christian. Because otherwise one might look at your fruit and find it a touch sour. Try this, listen to the small still voice of God. If he tells you to be a sanctimonious jerk then maybe it is not God that you are listening to. It is not enough to believe that everything in the Bible is the Word of God. you have to read it.

As for your comments about LRozelle: when you assume the worst and respond accordingly you are sinning. You are stealing his good name when his comments could be read in an opposite way. That makes you a thief and guilty of breaking the commandment Thou Shall Not Steal. I call upon you to repent. While i wait I shall pray for you. I ask everyone else to pray for me because after this post I really need it.
Best wishes,
Barry O'Connell

Grant R said...

One thing that I really don't like about blogging is that it causes many misunderstandings because someone's text could be read in many different ways. And I apologize if I've misunderstood anyone's comment. I honestly did not intend to be a jerk or to misread/misinterpret someone.

L_Budd, please show me where I've been self-righteous or "sanctimonious?" (That's a big word; I learn something new every day.)

You said that "when you assume the worst and respond accordingly you are sinning." I agree.

And I say the same to you. Listen to your own advice. By the way, that's not violating the commandment of thou shall not steal, but it's judging someone's heart motives, and the Bible says that should be left up to God.

Now, you did to me exactly what you accused me of. You read my comment, assumed the worst, and acted accordingly. I would call upon you to repent, but I strive not to be that sanctimonious.

"It is not enough to believe that everything in the Bible is the Word of God. you have to read it."

I agree. And it sounds like you assume that I don't read the Bible. But I've been reading it every day.

Hopefully together, we can try to stop being the donkeys that call the pigs long ears.

L_Budd said...

Hello Grant,

I am a wicked and sinful man. Even in my salvation I wallow in near Pauline sinfulness. I know this and am working on it.

The point is we need God within us to guide us to those acts which work to increase the body of Christ. Jerry refers to this as being Missional. I think of this as the Holy Spirit working in our sanctification. So lighten up. Show us God within you in your fruits.

Best wishes,

Barry O'Connell