Friday, October 13, 2006

Guy Kawasaki Interview

Guy Kawasaki Interview

Bio: Guy Kawasaki is a managing director of Garage an early-stage venture capital firm and a columnist for Previously, he was an Apple Fellow at Apple Computer, Inc. where he was one of the individuals responsible for the success of the Macintosh computer.

1. Why do you believe everyone is an evangelist?

Who said that I do? I believe that everyone could be an evangelist but not that they all are--not yet, anyway.

2. What characteristics make someone an evangelist?

90% is being found or finding a great cause. God, for example, is a great cause. Then the "good news" turns you into an evangelist. So everyone could be an evangelist for something.

3. Why is passion important?

Because evangelists always encounter bozosity--ie, naysayers and non-believers, or even worse, those that believe in false gods. Sometimes passion is the only thing that can keep one going.

4. What things can an individual do to help their creativity out?

They could read a book called If You Want To Write by Brenda Ueland. It is the best book I've ever read about unleashing creativity. It should be required reading for anyone who wants to evangelize anything.

5. If a church leader could only pick one of your books to read, which one would you recommend and why?

Selling the Dream because it explains evangelism in secular terms that I think a church leader would find interesting and informative. Ironically, I read many religious books in the process of writing it.

Find Guy here.

Find out about Guy’s ministry passion.

Becoming Missional would like to thank Guy for his willingness to share with us.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...


Great interview with such a fascinating person. I've wondered for a little while if there was a spiritual component to him, especially since his resume listed that he went to the Billy Graham School for Evangelism...

I think Guy is a great example of missional living too - he is engaged in his cultural context, his communication is relevant and non-churchy and he genuinely seeks to bless others.

Cool interview, thanks for posting!