Saturday, October 14, 2006

Can A Lightbulb Be Missional?

Yes I think it can!

Several months ago I ran across this article. After reading it I began to wonder about it.

They I got to think about how our family has been discussing how we can become better stewards of what God has blessed us with. Things like our time, money, house, land (our 70' x 120' patch), cars etc etc.

In the discussion we decided to make a switch from electric heat to coal. This was gonna save us $700 to $1500 this winter. Then I ran into that article.

So I decided to do a $68 dollar experiment. I bought enough CFL's to replace 90% of the bulbs in my house.

I then went and bought enough CFL's to replace them. Total $68.oo. After buying them I replaced my lights. Before tossing the old bulbs out, I added up the wattage - 1600 watts to light my house. Then I added up the CFL wattage - 407.

So the first month went by and electric bill came. And all things being equal from the year before it was down by $19.00. I thought wow! But Ill wait till I have more evidence. Yesterday this months bill came and all things being equal its down $24.00. My calculations show it will be 4 months to breack even and then 32 months of at least $20.00 extra in my pocket.

Or better put, $20.00 extra saved of God's blessing to be used some other way.

Can a lightbulb be missional? Yes! Anything can be missional when it is an example of us being better stewards of what God has blessed us with.

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