Thursday, September 14, 2006

Seth Godin Interview

I'm excited that the first Becoming Missional interview is with Seth Godin. Seth has helped me over the last year discover what communication is all about and the importance of passion, belief and authenticity. So It's my priveledge to share with you the following interview:

BM: 1.For someone who wants to change an institution where do they start?

SG: You need to start by living the change, by being responsible for the change and by not waiting for someone else to give you permission. No one ever made change in a meeting.

BM: 2. Why is story telling so important today?

SG: People don't have the time or patience for just facts. Instead, they embrace a story, believing it until (or sometimes AFTER) it's proven that the story is actually just a fable.

BM: 3. Are there similarities between creating a community and
spreading an idea? How are they related?

SG: A community is a group of people who spread ideas... and who like (or at least know) each other. Without ideas spreading, there is no community.

BM: 4. Why is it important for institutions to become more "local"?

SG: What does local mean? it means community, it means respect, it means responsibility. People want that now, more than ever.

BM: 5. If a church leader could read only one of your books which one would you recommend and why?

SG: Sometimes my books are challenging to non-profits because while I stress that you absolutely must have faith in yourself, I am pretty insistent on a focus on facts, testing and science when it comes to figuring out if what you're doing, works. My shortest book, Purple Cow, is the one that people tell me helped them the most, and my longest, Small is The New Big is the most likely to give people a little shred of insight to get them going. If I could only pick one essay, it would be the one about Pigeons.

Thanks Seth for your insight!

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Don said...

Stories are a way of dressing up the truth, to make it more palatable. In other sense, they are like missles and the message is the payload. As far as creating communities with shared ideas, stories are one way that ideas are communicated among the various members.