Saturday, January 27, 2007

Missional Tube? ..... Not!

So I was cruising the net the other when I stumbled across

You know it makes me wonder what follow believers are thinking. Do we really need a GodTube? Another place for Christian to hang out and insulate themselves from the world?

Youtube provides an incredible opportunity to be missional. You upload great creative pieces of video, expressing truth about all things concerning the Kingdom. Then Youtube gives pre-believers the chance to see them.

Upload you video to GodTube and show follow Christians how creative you are.

Why is it we have to copy cat culture instead of invading culture with truth?

Godtube even copies the name.

I just don't get it. We copy culture, why don't we, the God blessed creative ones - create culture for a change.

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Anonymous said...

Jerry - thanks for the comment earlier today. Good article...I am weary of a call for cultural relevance when we should in fact be creating culture. I hope that relevance comes when we truly join into God's unfolding story rather than attemping to create our own.

Thanks again for the post.

Webb Kline said...

Yawn... I'm not even going to take the time to check it out. With any luck, maybe the western church will one day fall under persecution and some of this stuff will get weeded out. ;-I

BlindBeggar said...

Jerry: Amen Bro.

Webb: I knew you were a kindred spirit. Pre-melt down at my blog I had this quote (must repost it):

"More persecution—more growing!"
— Pastor Samual Lamb

William Reichart said...

Couldn't agree more Jerry! As Christians all we do is imitate the culture around us, and usually what we end up producing is crap. We need to engage and be culturally relevant and show the world one thing, that they often try to imitate, but produce poorly. That one thing is loving one another. True, loving and authentic community is something the world tries to attain and cries for but falls short. In Christ and by the power of the Spirit, we can show and live out among them that kind of 1 John love that the world hungers for.

Craig said...

[roaring applause]

John said...

I don't know guys... Godtube may not be such a bad idea. Think of it this way. Anyone who is likely to use Godtube is likely to be doing video, that we really don't want unbelievers seeing anyway.... maybe this is God's way of getting them out of the way. :-)

Webb Kline said...

William, well said. After all, didn't Jesus indicate that in that love was the fulfillment of the Law and the Prophets? Ahh... we make it so hard on ourselves.:(