Friday, January 26, 2007

Philly Hope - More Missional Ministry Part 2

Tomorrow morning we will be taking another truck to the Salvation Army center in West Philadelphia.

The after school program there has been without their own cold storage forever. In the Last 8 months we have been able to deliver 2 15 cf freezers. Tomorrow we will deliver a used side by side refrig and a slightly used dryer. (pictured below on the truck)

We will also deliver 30 more Christmas boxes that came in, 12 coats, 30 pairs of gloves and hats, stuff animals (for hospital kids) and food.

Its an incredible blessing to serve these kids. It's also a great missional experience to support urban missionaries who are out there. Shawn McKnight. runs a great program on limited resources with mounting challenges. Please pray for him!

Our next project is getting a commercial stove for the kitchen. We estimate this will cost around $1,000 used to purchase and deliver. Please pray for this as well.

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Mark Van Steenwyk said...

I think you just left a comment on my blog...I accidentally deleted it as spam (sorry). Could you re-comment?


Webb Kline said...

Jerry, this is great stuff. We'll be praying for you. I sent you an email about a church in upstate NY who is interested in possibly helping out down in Philly. Hope you got it.

Woody goes to St. Chris' CHOP every week and we've done some street music ministry down there as well.

John said...

This is great. I love what you guys are doing there. I'll be praying about the commercial stove. God will provide.