Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Missional Training - Come and Get Some

One of the questions frequently in my email is:

"Where can I go to get training in these missional concepts?"

I've not had much to recommend.

Then my friend Lance Ford shared with a new program Alan Hirsch were putting together a training program.

I had looked into cohort programs like the one Erwin McManus and Alex run but I was taken back by the cost and the need to travel.

Well thats all been settled with this course.

Here's a Summary of what will happen:

The Forgotten Ways Training Course

Well I've decided to be in the first cohort. So I'd like to encourage you to join me.

So Click Here to Register for the Course

So I'm looking forward to seeing (literally) everyone there!

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Jamie said...

Thanks for the link. This sounds really great. Our YWAM ministry here in Winnipeg is constantly being reshaped to be an intentional missional training and missional living centre. It is a challenge, but exciting.


Alan H said...

It will be great to get to know you over the next few months. I hope and trust it will be a great experience.

Peace, Alan Hirsch

William Reichart said...


I wasn't sure how to get you my email address, so I will put it here in the comments, I put it in a creative form so that hopefully a "Spam"bot doesn't grab it.

breichart at bigcreekchurch dot com

o2thoughtful said...

Jerry, I watched the video (nice tech) and had a scan over the website and through the blog (he gets a serious amount of comments!) but couldn't see an overview of what would be covered, other than the 6 headings on the main page of his website. Can you enlighten me> I've not read his book yet but I'm working my way through Frost's "Exiles" and loving it.