Thursday, January 11, 2007

Missional Starts with...........

Thanks to a couple of other posts floating around, I've been thinking about what Missional is and to start I think I've come to a conclusion my mom would be proud of....

Being Missional starts with Kindness.

Romans 2:4 tells us its kindness that leads to repentance. I'm beginning to understand how thats true. People respond to kindness. A cup of warm coffee, holding the door, smiling and making eye contact, bread sticks or a piece of peanut butter pie. All these things become simple acts of kindness, which turn into missional moments.

Many think its hard to be missional, the next time I hear someone say that, I'm gonna ask this question: "Being Missional might be hard, but can you be kind? Cus being missional starts with being kind."

Can it really be so simple? I'm not sure but I'm beginning to believe it is.

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Mark H said...

Heh Jerry. I've been riveted by Romans 2:4 myself for a few months now. Isn't it incredible? And so simple.

I've also been looking at the way Jesus did ministry. He taught people and He challenged them with the truth. But BEFORE He did that, He demonstrated kindness towards them - He healed them and fed them, THEN He taught them and challenged them. Interestingly, He seemed to have no problem issuing challenges that we might feel uncomfortable giving - but then He also exuded more genuine kindness than we've managed to grasp too.

Jesus, we just ask for a greater revelation of Your kindness towards us, we're sorry for every time we've reacted in some opposite way towards others, and we ask for more opportunities to be kind to people. We ask that people would get to know You through acts of kindness, and that we would grow into people so full of Your kindness that we are compelled by love to issue Your challenges too.

BlindBeggar said...

Interesting. Paul seems to be contrasting those who would judge others with how God acts, with kindness and forbearance and not judgment. You might say that being judgmental of others will not lead to repentance, but showing kindness and forbearance will.

Mark H said...

Freely you have received ... ;-)

Barry said...

Being Missional begins with Hearing

Dear Missional Jerry,
You wrote "Being Missional begins with Kindness". Nice thought but it rings hollow to me. Must be that I do not understand Missionality. My thought is that Being Missional begins with Hearing. Faith comes by hearing, hearing by the Word of the Lord. As in "In the beginning was the Word" not "In the beginning was the kindness." So as I add it up it is like by Grace (the Word) though Faith (that which comes by hearing) we are saved (Salvation). After Salvation God within us battles our old Adam (sanctification) and as we become more and more sanctified our actions hopefully manifest themselves in our Christian life which spills over in to the world. Ipso facto being Missional is the outward manifestation of our sanctification which started with hearing.
Not very Missional Barry

John said...

Hi Barry, I don't think anyone hear doubts the necessity of the Word of God for salvation and changed lives.

However, we have seen those who "preached" the Word of God who were not kind, who were abrasive, and abusive and there was no faith, because they turned people off the message of Christ.

Jesus saved most of his negativity for the religious leaders not the guy on the street. In most of those incidents, if you read the accounts, Jesus was kind and he is the Word.

Kindness is what comes out of love. Jesus is the Word. Jesus is also Love.

I've done the street preaching thing, preaching the Word of God. I still will as lead by the Holy Spirit- not by my own flesh. But now, I go in kindness and love and see more fruit.

Barry, I love the Word of God, and we're not talking about the lack of the Word of God here.

However, we are talking about how it's presented and why we're doing what we're doing.

There are lots of people "preaching" that are trying to get a notch in their Gospel gun. The truth is they could care less about the people they're talking too.

We're talking about being ministers of reconcillation. We believe in speaking the truth - in love. We do what we do, because of our love of God and our love for the people we're ministering to.

Sorry Jerry, I hope I didn't step on your toes by addressing Barry's point.

Missional Jerry said...

Np John!

This conversation is great. Each person has some good points.

My missional action stems from whats inside, not to try and replace what's inside or even to make me look good. I am educed to be kind because of God's presence in me.

Mark H said...

It's possible for me to offer you my friendship and my hospitality, to be patient and tolerant, to minister to your needs, but to never share the truth with you. That is not kindness. It is the complete opposite - building in you a false sense of security.

It is also possible for me to tell you the truth in an environment in which you cannot see my sincerity and love, in which you cannot prick me and see if I bleed for your sake, in which we cannot continue the process together because there is no vulnerability and trust between you and I, and hence in which you do not HEAR the message because you cannot see GOOD NEWS.

We're all talking about the same thing :-)

Jesus, we need YOUR love active within us producing that blend of kind actions and unwavering truth that shows our genuine and eternal concern for others. You ministered to the needs of people before you taught them. Hence, they saw the living truth in You. You taught them and you challenged them to the core. But your kind acts had already turned them into seekers. Help us Lord. We do struggle with this. We need Your presence within us, changing us, moulding us, and compelling us to take the harder path, in love.

John said...

Mark H
Well said