Friday, January 12, 2007

Similarities in Missional Living Ideas?

I was reading this post over at Organic Jesus: To flee, or not to flee? That is the question!

Several days I posted this post: Birth of a Missional Community??????

I see similarities between the ideas of different types of missional communities. i.e. The shire = rural community, Solidarity in the city = philly center etc

So now I ask you...... What do you think? Is there a place for different types of missional communities? How do we work through the problem we as believers seem to have, that one concept is better than another? How do these different communities work together?

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John said...

Is there room for different kinds of missional communities? Absolutely. A missional community should get it's mission from the Lord. He wants the World to know the good news of Jesus Christ and he'll use lots of different missional communities to do it.

Right now as we work with the homeless in downtown Dallas, all of us "commute" in. Right now, I have no sense that God has called us all to pack up and move downtown.

However, I can see it's possible that God could move us that direction. I even slowed down the other day as I was going through a very depressed neighborhood in the area, looking at some of the old abandoned houses and wondering if at some point we might look at setting up something there.

Interestingly, every one of us who is involved weekly in the downtown adventure is single. We've thrown around ideas of some kind of intentional Christian community.

I think God can choose a number of different ways for missional communities to look.