Sunday, January 14, 2007

I have a Missional Hero

There's times in your life you meet someone and you say: "Lord make me more like them."

My first experience with that was reading the story of Job. Then in college I encountered Nehimiah and a missionary named Jim Elliot. My response was the same, "More like them Lord." In the last few years another was added my missionary friend Shawn McKnight.

I've encountered a missional friend online now who will move into that category for me.

My friend John Lunt is my newest hero. Read his stories of his missional living and maybe he'll be one of yours too.

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John said...

But seriously. What you are doing requires much more faith than what I do. I don't have the guts or faith to even consider developing a set of community centers or even trying something with multi-church involvement like the Philly Hope Project. The fact is I look to you and this site for encouragement. Thanks


John Smulo said...

John Lunt's a hero of mine too. Glad you posted this.