Sunday, January 14, 2007

A Call for Missional Collaboration

Since I've been blogging, many of you have told me about your desire to write a book.

Well I'd love to write one as well. But most of us dont have the time to pen an entire book.

So here's my idea and goal, why dont we all get together and write one together?

We can make it an eBook and all contribute to it and distribute it.

I think one area of the Missional conversation that needs addressed is a basic manual on what missional is and how it manifests itself. Sort of a missional living 101 type thing.

There are so many areas that could be addressed, and each of us has much to contribute.

John Lunt is work out what missional looks like to the homeless.

Rick is discussing what Missional means.

Todd is discussing what Missional looks like in suburbia.

These are just some examples - there are many many more.

So does such a project sound interesting? If so Email Me

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John said...

Great idea.

William Reichart said...

I agree great idea. I have been wrestling through the way we do church. And making church simple, releases us to be missional, it allows us to cultivate those "third places" in the community, that enable us to reach out into our community.
I just finished Simple Church by Rainer and Geiger and I am blogging about it (
But the thoughts of helping to simplify church so that we are not constantly "doing" church but rather we are "being" church has been on my mind. Our leadership is all wrestling through the book and we are working through it's implications.