Thursday, October 12, 2006

Missional Academy – Post 1

This is the first post in an installment of posts designed to help expand your missional mind. Over the course of time I hope to post many different things. From great speeches to theological papers, to others missional training materials; the goal is to expand how you view things missionally and to find useful help in all disciplines of life.

The Purpose of the Missional Academy at Becoming Missional is to bring innovative thought and practice to leaders in the universal church. I believe we can find applicable ideas and practices in many areas of life. So we will bring you things from the best minds God has made. It is our prayer you find something useful in each post.

So for installment number 1 I give you my favorite business author and a speech he gave to Google.

So how does this apply to your life, your church and to you as a missional leader?

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