Thursday, October 12, 2006

Missional Passages

I've been asked by a reader for a list of teaching texts on Missional.

So what scriptures would you use and why?

If you were doing a series of messages on what it means to be a missional church, what passages would you choose?

I'll compile them into a document that everyone can then use.

Add it to the comments section or email them to me.



Matt Stone said...

Well, the Woman at the Well story and the account of Paul in Athens (Acts 17) would come close to the top of the list

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DaveDV said...

Becoming Missional is all about aligning one's life and one's church with the mission of Jesus!

So, I would preach on the mission of Jesus...

Matthew 4:18-22
Matthew 20:25-28
Luke 4:42-44
Luke 19:1-10
John 17:13-26
1 Thessalonians 1:2-10 (A Missional Church)

Todd Hiestand said...

Luke 9-11

quite a radical passage.

TK said...

1 thessalonians 2:8

The mission of Jesus is about a way of life and inviting others into that life.

I'm anxious to see the final document. Thanks for doing the leg work


bob hyatt said...

First from the OT-
A missional church understands and lives the biblical metaphor of Exiles
Jer 29:4-7

Then the NT-
A missional church understands its fundamental identity as Sent
John 20:21