Thursday, March 04, 2010

Which Church is a "church" - Missional Question?

I had a discussion with a friend recently about a church "plant" they are involved with that doesnt meet a particular denominations idea of a church plant.

1. Their church plant is a melting pot each week of: broken families, drunks, high teenagers, single moms, disabled vets and homeless and hungry. Each week they have no idea who will show up to the Bible study, but each week they get a chance to minister to those in need.

2. Then theres another church plant: each Sunday they have 65 people, half dozen families, some singles and some seniors. These members are stable and have been believers for years. Each week they come, give their tithes and offerings, praise a little, pray a little, listen to the sermon and leave.

Guess which church gets the denominations financing and support........................

church number 2!

Why is that?

What has happened to the church when doing ministry isn't considered doing ministry?