Monday, October 09, 2006

What Missional Idea Can Be Found Here???

So I caught this article because of this blog.

As I read it, my mind began to wonder. The people mentioned in this article are the same ones who are missing from church. They have this strange need for freedom and community at the same time. For noise and privacy.

What does that mean to us who are trying to live missionally?

If we can't understand this change, how will we understand what is yet to come?

The power of the third space is great. As missional people and churches we must grasp it, so that we can understand how it fits into each of our communities.

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Cindy said...

Jerry- I agree that learning from this kind of worker will teach us to better live missionally, but I wonder how you came to this conclusion: "The people mentioned in this article are the same ones who are missing from church"?

You may be essentially correct, I just wondered how you got there. My husband is currently one of those people, at least some of the time, and attempting to be so all of the time. He isn't missing from church, but he does have expectations that differ from what we might consider the average church attender.

Anonymous said...

To use a catchphrase... you have to be in it to win it... You need to be in there... working... being part of the group in a unconnected but joined disparate manner.

Thanks for the link and taking the thought further... it is appreciated!

Missional Jerry said...

cindy - my conclusions comes from the fact that its a similar demographic.

Under 40 - urban - mobile - doers. Thats a group virtually absent from most churches.

Thanks for the comments.