Monday, October 09, 2006

What Missional Looks Like

Once in awhile you read a post that is simply a home run.

You know the kind of post you wish you had written?

Well My hat goes off to Rick at Blind Beggar who knocks one into the bay with this post:

Images of Missional

Folks if you wanna know what Missional looks like that is the only post you need.

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BlindBeggar said...

Hey Jerry,

Thanks for the kind words. I've been struggling with how to express what the missional life might look like, but couldn’t come up with a good metaphor. I was reading a post a month or so ago and a commenter make a short “word picture” on being missional that just clicked with me. (I’d give him credit, but I can’t locate it again.) So I got to working on creating a number of “word pictures” or images around life themes – neighborhood, work, market place.

They were not hard to do once I stopped trying to make up things and turned to my own life experience, which makes them pretty autobiographical. But I think the “real” is what makes them resonate with us.

There are more themes that “images” could be created around, so you can still get involved :-). Two that I’ve thought about are: what missional looks like when the church gathers and what missional looks like when ministering on the street (homeless, run away teens, poor, etc.).