Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Is Missional......."Green" too?

Tomorrow night on PBS Bill Moyers will air a new three-part special, Moyers on America.

Part 2 is on Tomorrow nite October 11th.

Here's the Trailer.

You can read an interview with Bill here.

This is a fascinating interview and begs several questions:

1. Is the missional movement "Green"?

2. Should we as followers of Jesus be "Green"?

3. Is part of Christ's mission for his followers be the stewardship of what God has created?

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molly said...

Personally, I think that those who are praying, "on earth as it is in heaven," would then not purposely participate in things that cause destruction or wanton waste. It just makes sense, you know ("out of the same fountain ought not come bitter and sweet," etc)...

But to have a commitment to "green" *above* a commitment to human beings? I don't see that in the life of Christ. Humanity is given a higher priority, no doubt about it.

Yet we would think that a person owned by God would treasure the world He made (even marred by the Fall, it is still breath-takingly beautiful) and not use it casually or wastefully, but always carefully, with the next generation in mind. The Bible, in that sense, is very pro-environmental, with its many themes on good stewardship of the land, of animals ("a righteous man regardeth the life of his beast"--proverbs somewhere), etc..

(Speaking of which, how much do you think dispensationalism/LeftBehind theology plays into the Republicanish tendancy to ignore/downplay environmental issues... Meaning, if the rapture is coming tomorrow, then who cares about oil spills and recycling my newspapers, you know?)...

Daniel said...

I think that as we continue to get a larger understanding of the gospel there will be more of a green element to things. I know that my thinking is moving that way.

blind beggar said...

I've not been a big fan of Moyers, but the trailer looks interesting. The interview was a decent read.

Good questions Jerry.

I do think the Father expects us to be good stewards of all he has entrusted to us. We have failed in that stewardship if we allow the creation to deteriorate to the point where our water, air and food are fouled and become harmful to the health of our kids, the poor, homeless, and others. To allow the creation to be destroyed also removes a clear witness of God's invisible qualities -- his eternal power and divine nature. Finally, there is no clear biblical teaching that we should not be environmental stewards. So, yes, I do think Jesus followers should be “green.”

But there are limits. To become so “green” that we are in danger of worshipping of the creation over the creator is wrong. To become so “green” that we put the welfare of the general creation over that of his highest creation, people, is wrong. To become so “green” that we are driven to support causes and groups that are, at their very core and being, anti-Jesus, is wrong.

Russell Smith said...

I see certain linkages -- but I hesitate to say that being missional means you must be green. As I understand being missional, it means that you understand you're sent. Where God has placed you is where you're on His mission. I also understand environmental stewardship to be a part of the cultural mandate given as God sends his people. However, I would not too quickly equate the two.


Matt Stone said...

1. Not necessarily
2. Yes
3. Yes

In Romans, Paul speaks of the whole earth growing in anticipation. Says to me that the Creator isn't done with his creation and doesn't plan to abandon it.