Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Authentic Stories are a Key to Missional Ministry

I ran across this article today in Ad Age.

I think it’s fascinating that marketers around the world are figuring out that the story is the most important thing.

Abbey quotes Pete Blackshaw saying: “it proves that a sincere story trumps even the flashiest packaged video.” An authentic vlog is more powerful then the flashiest packaged video.

I think we in the church are usually more worried about our packaging and not so worried about our story. We have the greatest story and yet we relegate it to second class status and push it aside.

So how well do you know your story? Do you tell it and live it in a way that is educing? Does your story draw out from others the desire to know God more?

Are we more worried about the “flash”?

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JDL said...

In Christianity we all too often get infected with the world. We try to create our brands aka Willowcreek, Hillsong, Saddleback, Rick Warren, Joel Osteen. We package things nicely in comfortable sanctuaries, that people are staying away from in droves.

Unfortunately, the average American Christian doesn't tell his Christ story, because he 1. Thinks it's the job of the church, 2. Hasn't seen it modeled. and 3 Has bought the lie that telling his story would somehow push religion onto others which wouldn't be politically correct.

May the day come when we will all tell our stories with love and enthusiasm - never pride or hautiness.

I'm a member of toastmasters and the most important advice I ever took in developing a speech was this TELL A STORY -MAKE A POINT. The point may not stick, but the story will and if they remember the story, they'll get the point.

The point is - we do have to tell the story.

Sally said...

thanks for this thought provoking post- just browsed by and discovered your blog...I think that telling our stories along wioth the points of struggle/ questioning is essential- along with the willingness to listen to the stories of others. Too often we don't let people unfold their story before jumping in to comment-Constructive dialogue requires not only that we know and tell our story but that we see it and the stories of others in the light of Gods story-
I belong to a story telling group- often we tell and listen to real life stories!