Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Missional - Starts Small

As you may know, we've accepted a position as Senior Pastor at a church in a rural county here in North Central Pa. We are excited and thrilled to begin this new journey.

It will be an opportunity for us to help a church become missional as well as live it out ourselves.

It began for me last week by meeting the local Convenience Store owner and the Postal Clerk. What fun!

Now Im working on how to begin to develop these relationships.

I have also discovered the local lake is a great place to meet others and talk. I have already been there to pray and consider God's beauty and God has brought a couple conversations about with folks because of that.

Im excited to see how God uses these things and develops these relationships.

Stay Tuned.


Andy in Germany said...

Great news... It's cool to see someone else working in a rural context and being Missional about it... Keep us posted...

David said...

You are so correct. Starting small is definately a longer road, but it's well worth it, and really...it takes the pressure off of having to perform.