Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Missional - The Missional Office Pool

So a guy in my office was having a baby (yeah I know his wife was having it). So there was a pool. How much would the baby weigh.

Well everyone was taking weights and putting their $5 in and no one asked me to join. I got righteously offended and asked him why he didnt ask me. He said "I didnt think a preacher would play!" I said well how about this Ill take the last 2 weights and if I "win" you can have the money for the baby.

Well guess what.

I won.

Now ewveryone in the office today was talking about how I gave the office pool money to the the father of the new baby.

You know what? It didnt cost me much, but it did give me ample opportunity to tell people today, that the reason I did it was to bless someone else the way God has blessed me.

More than 1 person said, "I wish all people who say they are Christians did such things."

The opportunities are out there folks. Its up to you to capitalize on them.

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