Thursday, April 19, 2007

Missional – Reaching Out with Art

Seth Godin has this great post.

Artist in Residence

Now I ask the church…………. Why not an artist in residence?

Art to illustrate each sermon?

Commissioned art for each family?

Community showings

Art on Loan to public businesses

Art classes for the community

So many kewl things could be done with something like this.

What do you think?

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David said...

I agree.
We have an artist who comes to Revolution and when we get kicked off again, we want to involve him in more than a few power point pics and singing on the worship team....
Now, we might have more of the space to create creatively...

Andy in Germany said...

Great idea...

Officially I'm just running a Storytelling team for the youth ministry, but I'm always looking for artists to try and give them a place in the worship.

Unfortunately the church has this funny idea that "Worship" equals "Music" so everything else is very much further down the tree.

I think that's why there aren't many artists in residence: Churches simply do not value them enough.