Saturday, April 21, 2007

Missional - Bob Roberts on Changing a IC

Bob Roberts had some great thoughts on Alan's Blog about changing an Institutional church:

"Brad you have some really good words there man - and Peggy - I like what you said about visionaries being able to shift things. You’re right. I did this accidently at a couple of places before Northwood - the church I pastor. Don’t change the church - change the people. Since I knew I couldn’t change it - I didn’t try - I just got to know the people and began to reach out in the community - as some of the people accepted Christ - that changed the church and it was from the new believers - not me - that saved me and the church. When we focus on the church, we focus on the institution - focus on the people and you focus on relationships. Think Asian - relationships are everything. This is why I’m not interested in too much ecclesiology - Alan’s mDNA is the only ecclesiology I want. If your discussion is “we gotta change” good luck. They’ll all say Amen but do Justme. There’s another way - for lack of a better word - do missional. Don’t talk it - just do it. Find the neediest people in your area and get your people to tackle it. Don’t talk worship - it’s a Sunday event for God’s sake - that doesn’t make missional at home - house, building, 3rd space, upperspace, whatever. The people they reach as a result will be different and without trying - they’ll change the church. The old “church” people will allow it because these are the people they reached and they will value these new believers. This will do so so so much more than conferences on revitalization. Those conferences generally start out - we’re doing bad - we’re loosing - somethings gotta happen - everyone leaves depressed with a new org chart, constitution and by - laws, and new set of songs to sing on Sunday! mission, Mission, MISSION - drives ecclesiology that leads to reformation and renewal - NOT structure! Everyone wants “relational” even old traditionalist. Everyone wants to make a difference - even old traditionalist. The problem is, they see no spiritual skin in the game. It’s a rare church - even a near dead one - that won’t feed, clothe, or serve someone hurting in their community - all you need is to get those people doing “mission.” Will there be headaches? Yep - but now you’re alive, and all living things have to fight viruses, infections, disease, cancers, and crapola of all sorts. "

What do you think? How do you move an Institutional church to a missional stance?

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Jess Man said...

Sounds good. I think we get saturated with so many opportunities to read, strategize, conference, and "network" that the real issue is the courage to step out in obedience and start doing it.

Do it, then talk about it.