Monday, March 05, 2007

Role in the Missional Church

I was asked recently how I view my role in the Missional Church (with a capital C.)

I thought this was a great question that deserved an answer, so I thought I'd answer it here.

My role: I see myself as one who rakes up the dry kindling of the missional spirit in the church and then touches it with hot embers and fans it!

Im a faciliatator, vision castor, people motivator, sounding board and friend.

So now I ask you - Whats your place in the missional church movement? What is God doing through you to move it along?

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Rick Meigs said...

Jerry, I tell people I'm a missional catalysis. One who causes change or acceleration in the speed of change towards the Body becoming missional.

AS said...

I'm a storyteller, a job that I see expanding over the next few years as the church and culture changes. But as a family we are homebuilders, trying to give people with hurts or with new ideas a safe place to build from.