Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Missional Question

What book have you read in the last 6 months that has had the biggest impact on your ministry and why?

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Geoff said...

"Exiles" by Mike Frost, because it highlighted some really clear "lifestyle" things that I'd previously been quite sucessful in ignoring in myself.

DaveDV said...

I've been reading a lot of books in the past six months (and I even finished a few of them).

Since I can't just name one, here's three:
1) The Forgotten Ways by Alan Hirsch - I love the Christocentric, disciplemaking, missional-incarnational ideas with practical application.

2) Organic Church by Neil Cole - He gets it. It's not about buildings and doing church, it's about extending the kingdom in tangible ways.

3) The Externally Focused Church by Rick Rusaw and Eric Swanson - They totally explain how the effectiveness of the church is not measured by what happens inside the church but rather "by the impact the people of the church have on their communities."

I highly recommend all three!!!

Todd said...

You all might laugh at the title...but two books have overwhelmingly changed my view and attitude in leadership (and in a very missional way):

"Giving and Stewardship in an Effective Church" by Kennon Callahan


"Effective Church Leadership" by Kennon Callahan

Seriously, I know that no self-respecting emergent type would admit to reading books with those titles. But they are brilliant. The Well is a better, more compassionate, giving, generous and effective community for the sake of the gospel because i have read those books...

I'll take advice from a man with 50 years of people and ministry experience who gets what it means to be missional any day of the week...and twice on Sundays...

timothy cowin said...

"Breaking the Missional Code" by Stetzer. Awesome book.

"Simple Church" by Rainer and Geiger. They are on to something. I truly want to lead a simple church that is strategic and focused. Good Book.

John said...

I have to go with Organic Church by Neil Cole and Irresistable Revolution by Shane Claiborne

TK said...

Cast my vote for Exiles also, specifically Frost's discussion of "3rd places." It has had a great impact on how I view and live life outside church walls.


GuyMuse said...

1)The Shaping of Things to Come by Frost and Hirsch.

2) Organic Church by Neil Cole.

3) The Starfish and the Spider by Brafman and Beckstrom.

4) Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller.

5) The World Is Flat by Thomas Freidman.

Why? All of these have taught me, challeged my thinking, stirred my mental juices, given me new ideas to incorporate in my own ministry.

Rick Meigs said...

Only one :-( . I read a book or more per week, so in the last six months there have been many and its hard to pick just one.

Dan Kimball's "They Like Jesus, but Not the Church."

Michael Frost's "Exiles: Living Missionally in a Post-Christian Culture."

Ed Stetzer & David Putman's "Breaking the Missional Code."

Alex Tang said...

For me, this book will definitely be "Growing in the Life of Faith: Education and Christian Practices" by Craig Dykstra. 2nd edition.

I am exploring the concept that spiritual or church practices does inform, form and transform us.

Anonymous said...

As I am finishing up the Vineyard Leadership Institute... I have been reading a ton! But I do try to squeeze a book or two in between quarters, here is what I have:
1. Breaking the Missional Code
2. Chazown [currently reading]

Books, I a have and am trying to read now between quarters:
1. Exiles
2. the blogging church


Webb Kline said...

I'm not saying this to come off super spiritual or anything. I simply haven't had much time to read in the past 6 months, and I am an avid reader. But, I have been spending quite a bit of time in Matthew and it's really helping me to put my missional ponderings into words, as well as challenging me deeply.