Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Missional Point Worth Repeating

I get asked very often by leader where missional movement starts in the church. The answer I always give is the same. You see when someone asks that question they are looking for the magic bullet. That thing that will take their church or group and propel them to the next level. The problem is there is no magic bullet.

Becoming missional isn’t a program you start, it’s an attitude you live.

So where does a leader begin? Fortunately I have answer for that!

A Missional movement begins with you! Your life lived before others is what sets the ball rolling.

The key to moving your church or group missionally is you. With the help of the Spirit your actions and life will be the spark.

As you live it, teach it, talk it, do it others will become curious and move towards the Spirits leading. Your role then is to create a space for them to grow and develop their missional desires.

Where does missional start? With You!

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Webb Kline said...

{Becoming missional isn’t a program you start, it’s an attitude you live.}


Yeppers, dats a good one.

I know, let's start an attitude adjustment committee!

Detective J said...

What do you mean by "becoming missional"? Like missions?

Will you add me to your blogroll? I've added you to mine.

DaveDV said...

Not to be contrary - because I love your posts and everything! However, I would say...
Missional starts with God.

God is a missionary God. We, the people of God, are His missionary people.

When you belong to God, you join Him in His missionary work! "Missionary activity is not so much the work of the church as simply the Church at work."

In any context, missional activity starts with God! As those whom God has sent, Christians are to be missionaries everywhere! That's why a church without a mission or a mission without the church are both contradictions.

I think missional activity in a local church starts when a Christian really understands the Gospel of the kingdom and starts being Jesus to everyone. In that sense, missional activity can start with any Christ follower (including YOU).

(Note: I believe you agree with this - I think I was having too much fun commenting. Keep up the good work!)

Missional Jerry said...

Gee I think I been put in my place!

Note to self: Dont ever post anything that requires an assumption of foundational belief! or Dave may come and smack you down!

Missional Starts with God!

And through Christ moves through me! or we!

Thanks Dave!

DaveDV said...

Don't feel smacked too hard. We're on the same team! Consider it a "love tap"...

Let's pray that it keeps flowing through all of us.

Keep posting!