Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Missional Opportunity for the Church – Eliminate Homelessness

This story caught my eye on today.

CNN Homeless Report

There’s lots of talk about being missional and doing missional things as a church. But here is an opportunity for the church to actually do something.

There is an estimated 380,000 churches in America and 754,000 homeless.

That’s 1.94 homeless for every church.

So here’s a radical idea:

How about each church this year adopt 1 homeless person and get them off the street?

And then next year they do just 1 more.

Pretty simple, huh? A 2 year plan to eliminating homelessness in America.

I challenge you to go read some of Scott's Story here: Turning it Over
Scott had support of a church. Read his older posts and see exactly how hard it was for him. Should it really be that hard?

It's time we take part of the Missional War Chest we have and do something Kingdom worthy with it.

Now consider the witness for the Kingdom this would be? Don’t you think the people who like Jesus but not the church, would begin to take a different view of the church?

And for all my friends out there in house churches and simply churches and the like: What’s stopping you from doing the same thing?

Missional living requires risk, creativity, dreaming and expanding the Kingdom. It would be an amazing thing to see God’s church step up and make a difference in the lives of these people on the margins.

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Anonymous said...

wow - what an awesome concept. now just to trust GOD to give us the guts to actually do it!

Anonymous said...

I firmly believe that if the church is going to have any voice in the US in the future... then senior pastors around the country will need to start by repenting to God and to their churches for not being more strategic in their outreach to the poor and needy.

The world and society says it makes no sense to "waste" money on the poor and needy since they do not bring in money... we just spend money on them. But Who's economy are we looking at?

I love your vision and dream of seeing this become reality... but another big problem is... most churches couldn't tell you where the closest homeless person is in relation to their church. They need to have relationships with those in need.

Check it out more on my blog on this matter.


David said...

And as the government should be held more accountable to help the homeless and not just count them, as the CNN article says, how much more accountable should we hold ourselves as the body of Christ?

The response seems to be, "Oh bless you for helping the poor." A smile. And maybe...maybe a check.

We all need to do more living and less talking - including myself.

Malcolm, I agree, we all need to repent for the selfishness in the church. And if it doesn't start at the pulpit, it has to start somewhere.

David said...

I think it's not only money that gets in the way, its messy.

Money can buy new carpet and it looks neat and clean.

Messy means a dirty carpet, with dirty people walking on it.