Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Missional Means Baby Steps

I believe my missional life starts with baby steps.

bread sticks
a cup of cold water
a smile

I also think the simple missional things can be the most rewarding.

What was your first missional baby step?

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Anonymous said...

My first missional baby step was actually me receiving kindness/ servant evangelism. I was a new Christian... and came out of the local grocery store and a church gave my kids and I a free hot dog and bottle of water.

That made an impression on me that still to this day is seeing fruit. And let me understand missional before I knew what missional meant.

John said...

My very first step was back several years when I was part of a team that did street evangelism at various rock and heavy metal concerts. We passed out thousands of tracts, with most of them landing on the ground and very few conversations. I felt like the Lord impressed me that a lot of these folks were thirsty. Many had spent all of their money inside and it was hot. The next concert I had two five gallon water jugs and cups and we offered water to anyone who wanted some. We had more conversations and people listening about Jesus that night than ever before.

That's when I began to learn to have compassion in more than just a "I don't want you to go to hell way."

My next step was buying 50 boxes of Crispy Creme donuts and taking them to all of the nurses stations at the hospitals in town as well as police and fire stations - just to say thanks, we love you and Jesus loves you.