Thursday, February 08, 2007

Missional - Living it

Been doing alot of thinking about how we manifest missionality in our lives.

After thinking about what I do thats missional, I wonder if theres anything that can't be done in a missional attitude?

My wife has found that here hobby of writing stories for a group she's involved in can have a missional impact. I have a friend who's discovering that showing up to work can be missional. I've found breadsticks, fixing a computer a spare bedroom and a bunch of shoe boxes can be missional.

What tasks are you finding that you do everyday that you are now seeing in a missional light?

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John said...

I'm taking guitar lessons from a great guy who happens to be Bahai. He and his wife have even collected stuff for the homeless for us. I've had friends who have asked why I don't take lessons from this person or that who are Christians. It's simple. I'm trying to be salt and light. I want to show a different side of Christianity to Andy and his lovely wife than what they've seen before.

AS said...
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Barry said...

Hey Missional Jerry,
You know what I do, I have the worlds biggest Oriental Rug web sites. I use them as tools to preach the Gospel is a low key non-intrusive way. You see the sites are sort of about Oriental Rugs but they are also about me. By being a Christian in the world it has an effect on people. I did not set it up to be Missional, in fact I never heard the word Missional until I was at it for 10 years. I did it to use the gifts that God gives me to his glory. If we would try to be ourselves to the glory of God we would end up being Missional without even trying.
Best wishes,