Monday, January 22, 2007

Missional Position

Over the last several years I've felt a strong calling to be a "missionary to the church."

Or more like an instigator of revolution inside the church.

A friend of mine recently sent me a copy of job description he thought would fit me. After reading it I agreed. The problem was the position didn't exist!

But I've not given up hope that someday every denomination will have people on staff who do these jobs.

Here's a link to position:Missional Church Development Coordinator

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John said...

Looks way to hard.

DaveDV said...

It seems to me that every pastor should be doing these things - rather than create some denominational position.

Wouldn't it be great if every pastor had a passion to:
• Help their church to assess their level of missional commitment, and to evaluate whether they're living up to their potential for mission.
• Encourage/develop a vision of mission in every believer, to encourage an outward perspective, and to develop their mission objectives.
• Equip congregational leadership to lead their congregations into a Missional identity.
• Train every believer to employ missional thinking and action.
• Encourage and support every believer in their desire to become more missional.
• Encourage every believer to engage their surrounding community/neighborhood to creatively communicate God’s Good News.
• Recruit and develop young missional leaders to start new churches.
• Network with other pastors to support each other “on mission.”

I think this would please God - if every pastor caught a vision for their responsibility to equip, encourage and empower ever believer as a missionary!


Jerry said...

I agree dave oh I agree

Missional Jerry said...

I agree as well Dave.

Wouldnt it be great?

John said...

Dave, I agreee, except... I don't think it's all the Pastor's job. I don't think he can have a passion for all of it and I think It's too much... I believe in the five fold ministry and I believe their are other equippers whose passions have to come into play as well.

DaveDV said...

John - it would be great if there was team ownership for doing all of this! However, in many US churches, pastors abdicate these responsibilities completely. I'd love to see pastors/leaders in local churches catch a vision for truly equipping believers to be on mission! Maybe this list can be a starting point to fuel the conversation!!!