Monday, January 08, 2007

Missional Outreach Needs Good Research First

Chris Forbes at Ministry Marketing Coach has a great post today entitled: Put Your “Missional” Money Where Your Ministry Mouth Is–Do Research! his premise is simple: before you do the work you must do the research.

Several weeks ago I wrote a post:

Steps to Missional

I began to layout what needs to be done in order to start a churches missional journey, research your community, church, people and the needs before you do anything else.

Read Chris’s article. And then read chapter 1 of : analysis of England for church planting (the article is in the downloads sidebar.) This chapter is info every church who wants to impact its community needs to know.

Without knowing your community and its needs and what efforts are already on going, the only thing your new missional endeavor will be is another program for people to join. Find the real needs, find those pained by the need and then do what you can to empower those who feel called, to meet the need.

To do that takes knowledge and that will only come through research.

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