Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Great Missional Posts

Seems the last day there has been an explosion of great posts on the web. So instead of boring you with one of mine…………

Check out John’s post How to Be Missional

Dave’s post: The Missional Mandate

Lance’s article The Myth of the Pulpit

John’s new site Missional Apologetics

Rick’s Simple Church post: Simple Church
Rick’s post: Leadership Post

Fred’s post Envisioning Future Church

Todd’s post What are we Doing

Your MUST READ post of the bunch is one Five ways to improve your missional life in 2007

Tall Skinny on House Church George Barna on House Church

Tall SkinnyFrank Violas Passion

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1 comment:

Barry said...

Hey Hey Hey Missional Jerry,
I am offended by this post and that link. So if we really love Jesus we have to be a hyper-Pietistic prissy b__tards. Well excuse my Jaguar and my over stuffed closets, I do not think so. Sorry if I offend your neo-Amish sensibilities but all I got is what God gave me and if you have a problem with it take it up with God. Good thing I am a man of peace or I would arrange for you to see him sooner than later. That is assuming that you can make the grade.
Not very Missional Barry