Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Steps to Becoming a Missional Church- Step 4

Several weeks ago I wrote a post:

Steps to Missional

I had begun to lay out this process previously:

In my fist post here we discussed that missional starts with you.

In my second post here we discussed the need to form a core group.

In my third post here

Step 4 is identify your church's history.

You need to know your past before you can move towards your future. Find out everything you can about your churches history.

Remember a churches history will be the biggest barrier to change. People have memories that will come to odds against where God is leading and knowing where some of these batles will be is very valuable.

How do you do this? Interview as many people in the church as you can. This will be time well spent in laying the ground work for your churches missional journey.

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JDL said...

When I was a brand new Christian, I wanted to go "do evangelism" at Phoenix apartments. It was some of the government housing in Denton.

One of the men, a respected man in the church, tried to persuade me not to "Brother, you don't know what kind of spirits are out there and you'll bring back."

It was an old time pentecostal church that did all kinds of binding and loosing and "spritual warfare."

This man did not stop the outreach but he sure put a damper on who would participate.

So if you know the history, how do you turn it?