Tuesday, October 24, 2006

What the EcoMovement can Teach Missional Leaders

I found another great article yesterday compliments of Seth Godin about why most Americans don’t get the environmental movement. You can read it here .

I wonder if the church (meaning the collection of local churches that are on each corner) today can be broken up into "We're In This Together" (WITT) and "You're On Your Own" (YOYO) camps. Do we possibly view our salvation and our relationship with Jesus Christ this way?

I think the consumerism in America puts us in the YOYO camp. It’s your faith and your growth is your responsibility. But I think the missional mindset would say WITT. We are on a journey as a community and we should do it together.

Anything I saw in this article was this part: “We have an image problem. Environmentalists seem disconnected from most Americans. Indeed, many Americans view the environmental movement as traditional, dated, and somewhat out of touch with current society.” Couldn’t we substitute the church for the word Environmentalists and couldn’t the statement be true about the church?

I wonder what else we can learn from this article. What do you think? Can those of us in the missional movement learn something here?

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