Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Seth Godin Speaks on the Future of Preaching

I read this great post yesterday. Seth once again challenges us to think about our communication and storytelling. So I ask you, read the article and then answer the following questions:

Is Seth right?

What’s it mean for the church?

How can we make our communication more effective in the context of Missional ministry?

Imagine how hard it would really be with the intervention of the H.S. to help get the message across!

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Makeesha said...

Great entry, thanks for the tip. RYC: it's always so exciting to hear of others with similar vision :) I've had this blog on my feeder but I just noticed your group blog - looks really exciting! What a great bunch of folks.

I'll have to scan around some more and see what you all are up to in the Kingdom right now :) Run the race!

Don said...

You bet he is right. The classroom/pulpit style of teaching and preaching just doesn't cut it. Learners/believers need to be actively engaged, part of what's going on. And there needs to be passion. That's when the Word and the Spirit come alive.