Monday, October 02, 2006

A Missional Leader Needs Too…….

“Somewhere in your organization, groups of people are already doing things differently and better. To create lasting change, find these areas of positive deviance and fan the flames.” —Richard Tanner Pascale & Jerry Sternin, “Your Company’s Secret Change Agents,” HBR

I found this quote today, and as you’ve figured out, I like quotes. It’s a great way to say something without having to write it myself! Anyway……

Found this quote and I believe it with all my heart. The missional leader must connect with these people inside their churches. There is already people whom God is using to do great things, cool things. Your job is to find them and empower and release them.

Part of what I enjoy doing is helping leaders and churches discover these people. But how do you do that?

The best way is by creating conversations that allow people to openly share what they are doing and what God is doing. You can do this in an open and supportive way that allows everyone to know they can share.

As you provide the proper environment you will find it becomes an incubator for the missional nature that already is being developed in your people.

A missional leader is one who finds and connects with the people who are already moving in a missional direction.

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BlindBeggar said...

That is a great quote. If only the leaders of our communities of faith would learn its lesson, I truly believe we would see far more people involved in ministering to the needs of our communities in some truly unique and effective ways.