Thursday, September 07, 2006

Missional Leadership - Recommendation

Missional Leadership

I just finished the book “The Missional Leader: Equipping Your Church to Reach a Changing World” by Alan Roxburgh. It was excellent at laying out the change steps a church or church leadership go through. It also provided a wide range of ideas and concepts about how to lead a congregation through change.

The thing I appreciated most about the book was the authors emphasis on the amount of time it took for change to occur. Change is not an overnite thing. We will not move the course of the church by waking up one morning and deciding its gonna happen today! It will be a slow gradual process that at time will not appear to have an effect. But after much effort we will see change.

The examples mentioned in the book are practical and engaging. The book only bogs down when it tries to propose some blanket ideas on how to get change to occur. I believe each church and group will have an individualized plan to missional success. No one size fits all answers. Maybe the process can be initiated by a program, but I’m certain that the answers are individual.

If you’re a leader and looking to instill missional change in your leadership, I’d highly recommend the book.

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