Thursday, September 07, 2006

Leaders Can't Change Culture

“In the end, management doesn’t change culture. Management invites
the workforce itself to change the culture.”

—Lou Gerstner

I ran across this quote today. In light of the church, I think there’s something very profound here.

For years the church has tried to compel people and the organization to change. It has imposed program after program in order to meet perceived needs. Rarely does it invite its people to induce change around them.

I think churches would become more of Jesus in their communities if they invited the members to change the world around them. Let the ideas and ministry organically develop from the inside out instead of from the top down.

I wonder what would happen if a church stepped out and said to its people, we aren’t going to local Christian book store this year and buying the latest boxed VBS program. What we will do though is make that budget and the time and the building available to engage the children in our community in a way that you the people see. I wonder what might happen? Would some flop? Yup. But I believe many would see wonderfully creative things spring from the passions of the people of the church.

Missional leaders and churches will not be lead from the top down – but will be transformed from the inside out.

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Todd Hiestand said...

this is a great insight. its a challange to let go though. we fear what we can't control and since we don't like to fear we control.

The book, Missional Leader by Alan Roxburgh is really good in teaching this kind of thinking / leadership

Missional Jerry said...

Thanks Todd.

Check out my review above.