Monday, September 25, 2006

Inspiration and Missional Leadership

Where does your inspiration to become more than you are come from?

It's been interesting for me recently where I've heard God speak; I heard His voice as I was studying Colossians chapter1, also in praise and worship music, some secular music and movies. I've heard His voice frequently and often in some most unusual places. I've found that as I have been willing to listen for Him, He speaks volumes.

I watched Field of Dreams with friends a couple weeks ago and many lines from the movie just ring in my head. When Terrance Man tells Ray "I admire your passion." My spirit sings with that. I've always considered my passion to be a detriment, now I'm discovering it's a gift and a blessing. I also wanna hear God's voice the way Ray did. I long to know my Father's voice so well that when He says to "build it" I'll know it's Him and do it.

I found my self the other day, after an intense prayer time, singing an old Styx song, "Show Me the Way." Boy my spirit just cries to our Father, "Please show me the way, take me tonight to the river and wash my illusions away" I long to see Him for who He is and my life for what it is supposed to be.

I was channel surfing the radio on my way to the Philly Emergent cohort and heard Elton John's Song "The Bridge." I so want the courage to cross the bridge God has placed in front of me.

As you see inspiration comes to me in strange places. I'd be curious to hear how others are being inspired by God to pursue their missional calling.

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