Monday, May 28, 2007

Missional - Its harder to compete with so much choice

Check out this article:

GM dealers offer Toyota test drives

Now you can compare similar cars all at one place. Choice run rampant.

Whats it mean to the church?

Well first off it means we can't compete! We must stand on our distictives. Those things that set us apart from everyone else.

We can't be "similar" we must be distictive! If we are similar to something we will get shopped like every other product.

The church must stop acting like a product as well. The church is the sum of its people and its mission. Not its building and its programs.

What does your church stand out with?

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Webb Kline said...

We have to stop the competing and just do it.

To be appealing is to sell-out to attractionalism. We must determine the mission God has for us and go do it. The rest will take care of itself. I'm more certain of this all the time. If we try to organize before we act, we will ultimately end up with with an organization that is inefficient to meet the needs of the very mission it was created for.

We simply must learn to function more spontaneously in our mission and become less dependent on form. Form will take the right form as we labor in our mission.

This may sound simplistic, but if we don't learn this one lesson, we will not remain missional for very long.