Thursday, May 03, 2007

Missional – Dancing, Death and Missed Missional Opportunities

I got very sad news today. A wonderful gentleman by the name of Van died this week. Van was in my kids ballroom dance class. Van didn’t have any family close, it was just him and his dogs.

A couple times a week he went to a local dance studio and danced. Everyone at the studio loved him. I only had brief encounters with him. But my kids got to know him. This past Monday in the middle of class Van collapsed. My wife called me and said I need to pick up my son, our daughter was home not feeling well. So I rushed to the studio.

Van was still being worked on. I prayed for him and then went about consoling the other students. Hugs and prayers were all around. I asked my son if he was alright and he said, “Yeah dad, I just started praying.” I’m thankful he knew to turn to his heavenly Daddy in a time like that. But I couldn’t shake the feeling I needed to do more.

This studio is a little community that needs to see Jesus. Im proud they see Him in my kids and not so proud of myself. Here is an opportunity to allow people I know don’t have a relationship with God, see Him. I’ve been to busy to see the opportunity. And simply found other things to do. I drop the kids and leave never really seeing the value of staying. I always had another book to read or friend to mentor.

I wish that on Sunday I could do the funeral. But due to a previous commitment that will not happen. But that doesn’t lessen the overwhelming sense of responsibility I feel to a small group of people I’ve been given the chance to show Jesus too. Have I let them down? ..................It makes me wonder how many other opportunities I’m missing just because my selfishness still controls me.

I pray God continues to open my eyes that I may see the world the way He does. That I don’t miss these chances He gives to be His hands and feet.

Dance lessons aren’t over. But I hope my time of missing the chance to impact that small group of people is.

Missional opportunities happen all over. This has opened my eyes to some I’m missing.

What ones are you missing?


Webb Kline said...

I wouldn't myself up so badly, bro. You surely have been missional in ways that you may not even realize. Often I have felt similarly only to have little things, which seemed insignificant at the time, turn out to have been big things in someone's life. That's why I just try to BE the hands and feet of Jesus wherever I go--not so much in word, unless the Holy Spirit makes it happen, but in compassion, unconditional love, grace and mercy. In retrospect, I see that those things have been far more important than my words could ever be.

Webb Kline said...

I wouldn't ----(fill in word on line) myself up...

The word would be BEAT. ;)

flyawaynet said...

I've got one up on you. -I'm not really trying to be competitive but I was still shaking my head over what I'd done when I read your post.

Missed opportunities... For over a week now, every time I go to McDonalds (it's a daily morning run for their $1.00 breakfast special) I always ask the total of the car behind me in the drive thru and then I pay for their meal. I've gotten strange looks, and sometimes the clerk jokes about how he'll place an order so I can pay for his, but today there was a new girl and she looked at me funny and said "Why?" It was my absolute 100% perfect opportunity to tell her WHY I did it and instead I just laughed nervously and said "oh it's just something I do every day"
I'm kicking myself right now. It's McDonalds and with the high turnover rate I might never see this girl again. And that really disappoints me.

But, I'll keep praying and hopefully next time I'll be able to share the true Reason for my single kind act, and maybe even share a little bit more about HIS act of kindness.

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