Monday, May 07, 2007

Missional - Can Be any Size

Just my thoughts but small does not = missional.

Missional isn't about how small you are or how big you are.

It's about how your impacting your community.

So can you be big and be missional? Sure! The same way you can be traditional, emerging, ancient or blended or any other form of church.

Missional depends not on form or size, but by the actions of the people in the body.


Anonymous said...

Jerry... I agree. I believe that if we are truly missional, then we need to make the biggest impact that we can make to expand the Kingdom of God. If that means, that an inner city church plant is impacting the community but it is a church of 20. GREAT!

If an urban or suburban church or plant starts to impact the culture and community and they are at 3500. Then GREAT!!!!

I believe that a church that looks to stay small... is not missional at all. It is all about advancing and expanding the Kingdom in people's lives.

Jamie said...

I agree, but that needs qualification. Size does impact the nature and practice of being missional. While all (or rather most) can be missional, one would be remiss to ignore the challenging dynamics that come with size.


Makeesha said...

exactly what I was thinking jamie.

Webb Kline said...

I think multiplication is a better term than size. Numbers implies that we want to put all the numbers into a box. When that happens people become those numbers, the intimacy of relationship fades, and fascination with the box itself,whether big or small, takes precedence.

I think if we got back to the Acts concept of Church at Ephesus, Church at Corinth type of thing, and where anyone was welcome to fellowship at Jerry's house, or Jamie's house or Mak's house, and if there was a larger gathering, it would be a convergence of that collectivity of smaller groups from around the city, but where the actual body of Christ was more organic, less defined institutionally, where all ministry took more of a form like what we call para-church ministries or missions today--where our focus was on real mission rather than the herding concept we're familiar with--I think we'd have a better handle on what it means to be missional.

Now, how's that for an attempt attempt at the Guinness record for the run-on sentence? ;-D