Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Missional translation

How do we translate the concept of mission living into church life?

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Alan Hirsch has a post Here that deals with this


Anonymous said...

I would say that it starts with taking scripture to heart. Look at the Great Commission passages... dive into what they really mean. Then find ways to live out these passages... be on the lookout in our day to day lives for people to experience Jesus in us. Be looking for ways to respond to the needs of our community... needs from physical, emotional and of course spiritual needs. Then do this, and use these times to share Christ in word and deeds.

But these times are not just for your church's once a month outreach or for yearly mission trips... but it is about living it out on a day to day basis.

brad brisco said...


For me it involves two parts. First is teaching on or sharing concerning the true nature of the church. That the church is not just the "called people of God" but rather the "called and SENT people of God." It seems as though most people in the church are not aware or understand the "from sending to being sent" theme throughout scripture.

Second, getting people to move involves the power of story. I think we need to tell our stories and the stories of others to "show" what it looks like to be Jesus to others. We need to tell the stories of how God is working in the lives of those we are intentionally building relationships with and ministering to.

craigkendall said...

Perhaps it's more translating what we know as church into a missional life?

Webb Kline said...

Get out there and be Jesus to those God leads you to and let it happen naturally. Share your excitement with the congregation and don't be afraid to ask them for help--even if you have to tie them up with log chains and drag them out there with you. ;) In the end, they'll love you for it.

stephen said...

What does it mean to take up our cross daily? What does it mean to die to ourselves? How do we live out the death and resurrection of our Saviour? I realize that I'm just asking the same question as the original one. I think that one of the ways to translate abstract concepts into physical manifestations is to force them into the physical. "Missional living" would be very easy to leave as a concept, and for many churches and people it's safe to leave that way.

Malcolm- "...Then find ways to live out these passages...be on the lookout in our day to day..." right on. Force the abstract into the physical.

I think that one way to do this is to think locally about everything. I don't mean forget about global missions, rather don't neglect the communities around us. What are the needs of the neighborhoods around the churches we attend? How can we help? How can we be "called and SENT" (absolutely, Brad) to make a change for the Kingdom in the lives around us?

curses! more questions.

Anonymous said...


check out what I posted today on my blog... under the post The Starbucks Experience Day 2.

I address some of this from a leadership standpoint.