Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Missional – Thought

It’s hard to think missionally. It really is.

Most of us have been raised in church settings that tell us church is all about me. Church is about what I get and what my kids get. Church is something I do.

A missional way of thinking about church turns that upside down. It’s about turning God’s love on the people around us. Being His love to an unlovable people.

There’s the rub. We live in a world that preaches the religion of “me me me” and because we buy into that idea Monday through Saturday its very hard to turn it off on Sunday.

A missional posture to church is one that says “what can give” not “what can I get.” This means there will be times when church will not met my needs but it may meet the needs of someone else. Does that make the church wrong? Nope – it simply means that I’m learning church is not “all about me.”

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Webb Kline said...

It all came together for me a few years ago when I was asked to help a church put together a music outreach. I wasn't part of that church, nor any other at the time. I was burned out from church and had washed my hands of the institutional model for quite a few years.

When talking to a friend about whether or not to get involved, he was concerned that the church may not meet my needs. A light bulb appeared above my head. That's exactly right. Of course they can't. But they have a need that I can meet. Throughout my whole time of involvement with them--2+ years, it never mattered to me that the church didn't meet my preconceived needs. I met theirs; and in the process, that was fulfilling--my needs were met in the way that mattered most. And my attitude inspired more missional thinking in others, as well.

If we go looking for a satisfying attraction in choosing a church, we WILL eventually become disappointed, because just as it is with love, happiness always eludes the quest for self-gratification.

flyawaynet said...

Mark over at madetopraisehim linked to you this morning and I commented on his, but wanted to send my comment out to you as well.

On my commute to work this morning, I was struck with a ministry idea. This idea would end up with me spending extra time with two guys in our church that, well, they aren't necessarily unlovable, but it's certainly not an easy task.
Your first paragraphs really spoke to me though. The idea of "turning Gods love on the people around us". It's not something I considered while I pondered whether or not to take up this ministry.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.