Thursday, April 05, 2007

Missional or Not? Your Chance to Vote

It's time for another addition of Missional or not.

Check out the link and VOTE!

King of Kings Statue

So how do you vote?

HT: to my best buddy Jeff for the tip.

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Anonymous said...

I would say no. A statue does not make you missional.

How does having a statue like this... help you to reach out to the community? How does it help with getting to know the community around you, so you can respond to the needs of the surrounding community?

Webb Kline said...

Jerry, I think I told you about this one before. This is the one I saw while driving toward Cincinnati one day and called Woody immediately to tell him that I was giving up on being missional and was instead going to get a job delivering these baby's to mega churches around the country.

To that Woody replied, "No, that wouldn't work. If they gave you the job, you would probably back the trailer up to the pond, unhook the chains, dump the clutch and let it slide of the back of the truck and into the pond upside down."

To which I relied, "Exactly!" :D

If you could hear some of the comments this monument to hypocrisy has inspired on the CB by passing truckers, you would be inclined to vote, no, not missional. ;(

Bryon Mondok said...

my opinion: not missional. link

stephen said...

Wikipedia used to define Missional as:
"As commonly used today, the word describes the way in which Christians do all their activities, rather than identifying any one particular activity. To be missional is to align one's life with the redemptive mission of Jesus in the world.
The concept is rooted in the alignment of every believer and every church with Jesus’ mission in the world, just as Jesus knew His mission and aligned Himself with that mission.

A missional church aligns all of the program, function and activities of the church around the redemptive mission of God in the world."

I'm pretty sure Jesus would erect a 62' statue of himself. So I'm going to go with yes. Other then the fact that a statue like this is meant to attract people to them rather than going to the world. but that's a small thing, isn't it?

brad brisco said...

I am not sure what the point of this is other than being a "tourist attraction" with the key work being ATTRACTION, which I think answer the question, Is This Missional?