Monday, March 12, 2007

Six Months of Missional Posting

So I just passed my 6 month blogging anniversary.

I want to thank everyone who visits. You are the reason I continue on.

I have seen a marked increase traffic and links from across the web and that continues to encourage me.

I hope Becoming Missional continues to evolve into a place of resources and encouragement for churches and individuals to live out Christ's mission on earth. Folks it's about Kingdom building and I'm glad you've given me the chance to speak about that.

There's more to come: interviews, the eBook, training materials and hopefully good thoughts.

Keep emailing me and please pray for me.



Todd M said...

I just discovered you recently but you have a great blog and are doing a great job from my perspective.

Ray said...

Thanks for the blog Jerry. Craig Kendall turned me on to it. I have been thinking about your homeless blogs. What if, instead of waiting on the institutional church to pick up the burden, what if the "church", the individuals who make up the body of Christ, picked it up and brought these people into their homes?