Saturday, March 24, 2007

Missional Link Love

Brother Maynard suggested a need for some link love, so I though hey it saturday what better way to help the missional blogging community along.

So Here goes:

Here’s what we’re going to do. Think of between 3 and 5 blogs which you think are under-rated, under-appreciated, or under-valued. More people should be reading them, in other words. They need to be blogging largely on missional themes and topics, and they should not be on the list of leading blogs on these areas, say 150ish+ links on Technorati. Got your list? I’ll wait. If you come up with 7, that’s fine… you can borrow 2 from someone else. ;^)

You’ll find below a list of blogs that I feel deserve more attention. To participate, copy this list into a new post on your own blog, and add the names you have to the bottom of the list, and encourage others to do the same. Your list will be about twice the length of mine, and people who follow you will have lists three times this length. It could get fairly long, but that’s part of the point — each link will help boost the undervalued blog’s profile… and you might even get some link love from it too! Include these instructions (this and the preceding paragraph). When you’ve done that, leave a trackback or comment below, or link to this post so we can keep track of who ends up participating. Sound like fun for the weekend? Okay, here we go, in no particular order:

  • Emerging Grace

  • Robbymac

  • John Smulo

  • Todd Hiestand

  • Theopraxis

  • Chuck Warnock

  • John Lunt

  • Webb Kline

  • Mark Wilson

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    Webb Kline said...

    Jerry, I hope I did this right. Such a cyber klutz that I am. I doesn't look like the links transferred. I have the real links on my site.
    # Emerging Grace
    # Robbymac
    # Lily a.k.a. Erin
    # Nathan Colquhoun
    # John Smulo
    # Todd Hiestand
    # Theopraxis
    # Chuck Warnock
    # John Lunt
    # Webb Kline
    # Mark Wilson
    # Rick Meigs
    # Brother Maynard
    # MakDaddy
    # Glenn Hager
    # Paul Mayers
    # Jamie Swann
    # Paul Walker
    # Jerry Frear
    # Phil Wyman
    # Rainer Halonen
    # Shannon-great new site
    # Matt Stone